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Av Jan-Erik Ek - 12 maj 2010 20:44

This evening is lovely and we decided to take advantage of it and take some photos. The pups (by Annuals Trendsetter x Thornbreaker's Bit of Class) are now 4 months and a week old and are coming on well.


Av Jan-Erik Ek - 24 april 2010 16:48

Two years ago, I recieved an invitation from The Skye Terrier Club to judge at their open show in Gretna, just outside Glasgow, Scotland. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement and ever since that day I had been looking forward to go to Gretna and even more so after I found out the numberof entries, 53, which is a very good entry for Skye Terriers.

I packed and brought it all along in my car on Thursday the 15 April, I was going to work first and then drive to Gothenburg to stay with my sister and brother-in-law before I was going to catch the Ryanair plane to Glasgow the following day. When I got to my work I got an email from Karl-Åke telling me a vulcan on Iceland was upsetting the flight traffic. What?? Was this some kind of a delayed April fool's joke??

Hours went by and more and more information about the vulcan and its affect on how people could travelled were spread through TV. I just refused to take it in, thought it might soon 'cool off' so drove to Gothenburg to stay with my family anyway. Late in the evening Ryan air cancelled their flights. What a disappointment. I couldn't believe it then and can hardly believe it now that this has actually happened, that a stupid Vulcan on Iceland put a stop to a dream that was about to come true!

Av Jan-Erik Ek - 12 april 2010 08:41

     On January 3rd, 2010 my yellow bitch Thornbreaker's Bit of Class (Carpenny Hurricane x Thornbreaker's Wee Bit of Style) gave birth to 10 lovely puppies, 1 boy and 9 girls!! They have grown on well and some of them have moved to new home, but we still have the boy and some of the girls for sale. I have trained them all on the lead, done some retriever training with puppy dummy and some very easy listen-to-whistle practise and so on.

I have had this family since 1990 when Smart Fellows Never With Out arrived (born december 1989) and since then I have bred 3 generations down from this line. It is exciting to watch some hopefuls growing up and you start planning what shows to take them to!

Please view some of my hopefuls above, taken at 14 weeks. What do you think?

Av Jan-Erik Ek - 14 mars 2010 00:16

   On Tuesday 9th of this month I had to take my precious black Labrador dog Knockie (Thornbreaker's Postman's Knock), aged 13 1/2 years, to the vet to be put to sleep. This never gets any easier no matter how many times you've gone through it before. I remember when the litter which included Knockie was born and all the hopes and expectations that are always connected with a litter.

Knockie's parents were Ch Poolstead Political Agent and Ch Thornbreaker's Alice Springs. There were two bitches and, I believe, 6 dogs in the litter - this could easily be checked out but I've not bothered to do so. I think Knockie was the last one to go, and I do miss him. He was such a kind, easy going dog in every way.

He did not become an exceptional sire as he only ever sired one litter, but he did do some winning at shows. Photo above is of Knockie at the age of 21 months after having won the CC and BOB.

I remember taking him under the legendary Labrador breeder/judge Mrs Margie Cairns of Blaircourt fame. When she went over him I just got the impression she liked him but of course you can never be sure. Then in the competetion she didn't look his way at all and just as I thought the battle was lost she turned our way and pointed her finger towards first place. He got the CC which pleased me immensely. He eventually got another and then several second placings to the CC before I eventually gave up. I don't think Knockie was much bothered, he thought shows were pretty dull (due to all the second placings I'm sure!) and much prefered playing around at home and walking in the woods. He lived in the kitchen and like nearly all Labradors he was a keen observer of all food preperatio

Av Jan-Erik Ek - 7 januari 2010 19:08

   I have been very busy during the autumn with my new committment as secretary of the Swedish Terrier Club. At the moment, with it having been Christmas and all that, things have been pretty quiet but expect it will be back to normal pretty soon.

In October some  exciting things happened. I went to Italy to judge at a very nice Open Show in Bergamo outside Milan. Even though it was an Open show there were some nice dogs present that went on to do well in the finals later in the afternoon. Weather wise I was taken back in time, and it was so nice to be able to dine outside in the evening.

The week after, on October 10-11th, the Labrador seminar which I had written about earlier in the year took place with Mrs Peggy Rae, Mrs Carole Coode and Mr David Craig giving talks on the breed standard and the history of the breed. Mr James Hindley also took part and is equally keen and knowledgeable about Labrador subjects.

There were 70 partcipants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia, a few less during dinner in the evening and we had such a lovely time. I shall try to enclose a photo from the event on this blog as soon as possible.

On January 3rd, my Thornbreaker's Bit of Class (Ch Carpenny Hurricane x Thornbreaker's Wee Bit Of Style) gave birth to a lovely litter of 1 dog and 9 bitches, all black, by Annuals Trendsetter. Trendsetter is out of GB Ch Abbeystead Tranquil who's by Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway, Bit of Class is a maternal granddaughter of Cambremer Wellington (nephew of Tom Cobbley) so the breeding ties in nicely with that of Trendsetter. I enclose a photo of Bit of Class - Blondie for short - when she won her first CC under breed expert Mrs Eva W Mjelde of Surprising Labradors, Norway, a lovely sunny day at Borås two years ago.

On Saturday I will go to the international show in Gothenburg MY DOG. See you there!

Av Jan-Erik Ek - 27 september 2009 09:35

        On September 11th, I set off straight after work to Arlanda where I jumped on  plane destined for Warszawa. I met Henric Fryckstrand just before depature who was also going to the same show judging. Arriving at our destination we were met by Andrzej Stepinski who drove us to the hotel and really was the perfect host throughout the week-end. At the hotel we met our fellow judges, Rinie Leenen from the Netherlands who was doing Labrador dogs and BOB the following day and Rune Fagerström from Finland who was doing bitches. Henric did Flatcoats and I judged Golden Retrievers, all this took place at the second day of the Polish Kennel Club Show on the Saturday the 12th.

I had a good entry of Goldens and the overall quality was very good I felt and the winners excellent specimens of the breed. Best of breed went to Ch Gutta Herkus (Guess Giacomo x Erima Herkus), a bitch of outstanding quality in my opinion. Obviously I was very pleased when Henric Fryckstrand shared this opinion and made her best of breed the following day at the Retriever Speciality Show where she also was crowned BIS under Henric, a very worthy winner.

At the Retriever Speciality Show the entries in all Retriever breeds were higher than on the previous day and I did Labrador males and BOB, Rinie Leenen bitches. There were 88 dogs and 94 bitches, a great entry and a great honour to be invited to judge. Again I thought the overall quality was very good. Many coats were on the blow which was a pity but this cannot be avoided, dogs do shed their coats and there is nothing any of us can do about that.

Best Puppy 3-6 months was won by a very charming and well presented black called  Artur The King Totus Tuus by Mallorns Gromit. He later in the day won BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Rinie Leenen.

Best Puppy 6-9 months was headed by a yellow namely Renji Gorska  Fantazja, again a really lovely puppy, he finished as runner up BIS puppy under Rune Fagerström.

Best Junior and later in the day BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW went to a chocolate bred in Finland, Loresho Bronze Flush by  Stronglines Dalwhinnie out of Loresho Fudgy Brownie.

Runner up BIS veteran Weathertop Storm Cloud who is actually owned by Saudji and John Crook but residing in Poland. Since he is by Balrion Ring Round The World my dear old late Blondella Bally Who can be traced back in his pedigree. Storm Cloud was in very good form and moved without any effort which is just what you want to see in a Labrador.

My Best Dog was won by a yellow from working called Fart Perfect Partner (Addiciated to Love De L'etang Balancet x Brawos Bis Afera). As soon as he entered the ring he caught my eye and he covered the ground when moving.

A very nice masculine dog in good coat of excellent type he, for me, stood out in the dog challenge on the day.

I completed my judging just before Rinie Leenen so went to the ringside of her ring to see what I would get in to challenge for BOB. There were some nice bitches in the final line up and Rinie decided that a young bitch from intermediate called Lemonade  Kociokwik was the winner. She looked very nice from the ringside and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. I then discovered she was just as nice to go over as she was to watch from a distance and felt no hesitation to make her best of breed. She later finished as runner up BIS under Henric Fryckstrand. Her owner must be very proud of her and I shall follow her future career with interest.

After the show it was a quick good-bye to everyone and then off to the airport. It had really been a lovely and memorable week-end.

Av Jan-Erik Ek - 3 september 2009 23:46


1) BOB Ch Olivia Original Sensation BOS Ch Olivia Spirit of American Idol

2) BOB veteran Ch Olivia Original Sensation BOS Ch Finnsky Alan

3) Best Progeny group Ch Finnsky Alan

4) Best In Show Breeders group Kennel Finnsky (Thea Dahlbom and the late Rolf Dahlbom)

Last week-end I had the great honour to judge Skye Terriers at the Finnish Skye terrier Club Main Speciality show and there was an impressive entry of 52. Only 2 were absent so no less than 50 turned up.

It was really lovely to be given the chance to go over such a great entry and even more lovely to among those find so many lovely specimens of the breed. I felt very honoured indeed.

Best dog line up was very impressive. It was headed by Ch Olivia Spirit of American Idol, a super dog with so many virtues including his outstanding showmanship, followed by Ch Finnsky Fireball, Ch Of Skyeline Captain Hook and Ch Finnsky Alan - all super dogs of excellent breed type.

D CAC was awarded to Of Skyeline Eden Glassie, an eyecatching young dog who was long low and level with a beautiful head. R CAC to another nice youngster, Skyeluck Adalia's Aidan.

The four bitches in the final line up were very impressive Skyes of high quality and it was headed by Ch Olivia Original Sensation who also won BOB. She is every inch a Skye terrier in my book, of super breed type, long low and level, fluent mover, coat in first class order. Behind her stood the drop eared Ch Linum La Gioconda, Ch Of Skyeline Dream With Me and Ch Finnsky Acasia - as I said, all super bitches.

BCAC was awarded to Skyewatch Kiss Me Again, a very nice elegant bitch, long low and level, beautiful neck and shoulder. RCAC to Juger Edelweiss Eternal Glory, another very nice bitch who is a credit to the breed.

Ch Finnsky Alan presented a progeny group in which some of his very beautiful daughters were included and kennel Finnsky yet again presented a breeders group outstanding for uniformity and quality. Later in the day it was best in show breeders group.

Av Jan-Erik Ek - 17 augusti 2009 11:15

On August 15th, I had the great pleasure to judge Golden Retrievers at the above show. Although it was not a fantastic entry in numbers I felt the overall quality was very good.

BD CACIB BOB and later group 3 under Mr John Thirlwell Multi Ch Dewmist Silkmarillion (Ch Cheers Way of the World x Multi Ch Styal Silksilla) br and owned by Mr Henric Fryckstrand

BD-2 R CACIB DCAC, winner of intermediate, Goldmaster's Cellini (Chaveni's Magic Passion x Goldmasters Afrodite) br and owned by Ms Majvor Westerlund

BD-3, winner of Open, Dewmist Serventes (Multi Ch Einderry  Gaelic Minstrel x Multi Ch  Dewmist Shaquille) br Mr Fryckstrand owned by Ms Kathy Braeckman from Belgium.

BD-4, 2nd in Open, Dewmist Sheridan (Chisleay Crysader for Rossgilde x Ch Dewmist Serenella) br Mr Fryckstrand Own Ms Kati Grön from Finland

BD-5, 2nd in championclass, Ch Waterfreaks Nick Name (Ch Goldline's Heart Breaker x Waterfreak's Mellow Mermaid) br Ms Annette Wennberg Ow Ms Maria Klindt

BB-1, CACIB, BOS winner of championclass Silversign Style'N Class (Gunhills Over The Moon x Ch Dewmist Silverinda), br and owned by Ms Ulrika Zetterfeldt

BB-2, R CACIB, BCAC to winner of Open, Golden Edition's Dancing Queen (Begora's Boogie Woogie x Begoras Fazermint) bred in Norway by Ms Maria Bragstad owned by Ms Christine Lindbergh

BB-3, 2nd in open, Festival's Baby Boom (Goldenline's New Feeling x Ch Festival's Baby), br and owned by Ms Tina Angrell

BB-4, 3rd in Open, Dewmist Star of Africa (Multi Ch Einderry Gaelic Minstrel x Ch Dewmist  Starcadia) br Mr Fryckstrand Ow Ms Ann Britt Lavestedt

BB-5, winner of intermediate, Goldone Stardreamer (Ch Dewmist Strands of Silk x Dewmist Starquette) br Ms Madeleine Holmberg ow Ms Anna Nordieng.

On August 16th I did student judging under experienced judge Mr Benny Blid von Schedwin for West Highland White Terrier. There was a good entry and it really good to be given the  chance to go over them.

Photo above: BOB Group 3 winner Ch Dewmist Silkmarillion

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